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When the What Hits the What? A Guide to Prepper Acronyms

Survivalist Times Staff



If you’ve done any serious thinking about surviving major catastrophes, then there’s a very good chance that you’ve done some digging through prepper or survivalist forums. The question is, do you speak the language?

As it turns out, preppers have a language all of their own, consisting at times of strange acronyms and long strings of letters. If you’re feeling a little bit lost in prepper forums, then these ten acronyms will help you feel like more of a local.

BOB – bug out bag

If you have to bug out – flee to safety – then you’ll need your bug out bag. A BOB holds all of the essentials that you need to survive for 72 hours in an emergency situation.

BOL – bug out location

Running away is all very well, but it’s always better to have a destination in mind! A bug out location is a place where you can wait out an emergency in safety.

BOV – bug out vehicle

Why run when you can drive? 

EDC – every day carry

While it’s all well and good to have a well-stocked BOB, who’s to say that chaos will erupt when it’s close at hand? Your EDC consists of a few basic items that are always with you – whether you’re in the bathroom at work or mingling at a black-tie event.

GHB – get home bag

Most of us spend a good chunk of our time out of the house. In an emergency situation, getting home is often the first order of business. A GHB – which may be the same as or separate from your EDC or your BOB, depending on your personal situation – helps you do exactly that. 

GOOD – get out of Dodge

When civilization falls apart and you have to flee, it’s time to GOOD. 

OTG – off the grid

A building that’s OTG is completely independent from public utilities like electricity, water or cable. If your backwoods cabin is completely self-sufficient, then congratulations – you’re off the grid. 

TEOTWAWKI – the end of the world as we know it

This can be a big end-of-the-world catastrophe that changes things for everyone, or it can be a more personal event that completely rocks your world and forces you to find alternate ways to survive. TEOTWAWKI is what most preppers are thinking about when they’re making their survival plans.

WTSHTF – when the sh** hits the fan

This is that exact moment when that thing – whether that thing is a job loss or a natural disaster or a war or a zombie invasion – happens. 

YOYO – you’re on your own

Preppers – like people in general – vary in terms of how much they’re willing to help one another. On prepper forums, you’ll run into more than one person who states quite simply that if catastrophe strikes, you’re on your own.

So now, acronym list in hand, you’re ready to jump into prepper forums. WTSHTF, you’ll be ready to grab your BOB and GOOD. And if it’s TEOTWAWKI and you haven’t packed your bag yet? Well, YOYO.