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YouTube labeled the original version of this video as a dangerous or harmful video.

So the Outdoor Boys had to reedited this video and reposted it. Comments are disabled because of YouTube’s policy of disabling comments on channels that regularly feature minors.

Here’s what you’ll see in the video:

#1 Fire roll – Cotton ball & Ash

#2 Spontaneous Combustion

#3 How to Start a fire with a Battery& Steel Wool

#3 Tearing open a lithium battery #4 Fire Piston

#5 Potassium Manganate

#6 Flint and Steel (Blast matches and Magnesium bars)

#7 How to start a fire with the Fire plow method

#8 How to start a fire with the Fire Saw

#8 Beating/ hammering steel

#10 Starting a fire with a flashlight (magnifying glass ect)

#11 Spindle and Board with bow- Friction Fire Techniques

#12 Spindle and Board (hand method) Friction Fire Techniques

#13 Rope Lighter Axe Restoration Playlist…

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