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Face Paint 101: Be Invisible in the Woods

Survivalist Times Staff



Would you light a lantern in your deer stand or duck blind and leave it on while you hunt? Most hunters would give a definitive “no.” However, that’s what you’re doing when you enter your hunting territory with a bare face. All the camo clothes and gear in the world won’t help you a bit if your face looks like an illuminated light bulb.

Whether you have a dark complexion or fair skin, a few swipes of concealing camo makeup can help you mesh with your surroundings and get closer to your prey. It only takes a few seconds to smudge a stripes of paint across your face to break up the solid color of your skin so your presence in nature will not be as noticeable.

As a hunter, your priority is to make a harvest without alerting game to your presence. Experienced hunters will testify that even the smallest of mistakes can ruin the hunt. A bathroom break at the wrong moment, a shift in wind direction, or rearranging your sitting position can all cause lost shooting opportunities. Sometimes, these situations can’t be avoided; they’re all part of the hunt. However, there are many situations you can completely control; concealing your human look is one of them.

Camouflage cosmetics are generally easy to find and inexpensive. Most retail stores that offer hunting supplies also carry face paints. Color options may vary, but most of them will be in shades of black, gray, brown and green. Use is simple and doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. Simply use your fingers to swipe random smudges across your face and neck.

There is a challenge to using camo face paint; it tends to adhere exceptionally well to the skin, making removal difficult. If you’ve found an especially strong camo face paint, arm yourself with a bottle of mineral oil and a cotton ball to remove the paint with relative ease. Soak the cotton ball in the mineral oil and make a few passes across the painted areas of your neck and face. Not only will this easy method remove the makeup, but it will leave your skin conditioned and refreshed, which is a positive after a day of hunting in the elements.

Grab a pack of camo cosmetics, toss it in your hunting pack, darken the imaginary lantern that is your face and head into the great outdoors to harvest some game and enjoy the hunt.