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Disaster Preparation

How to Pick a Survival Backpack For Each Member of Your Family

Survivalist Times Staff



When preparing for a disaster, it is important to have your survival gear packed and ready to go ahead of time. If there is an emergency, all members of your family will need to know immediately where all their survival supplies for the first few days are located.

In addition, if your home is destroyed and is uninhabitable, you will probably need to leave quickly and will only have time to grab your survival backpack and go. Your survival backpack, also called a bug-out bag, should be of good quality with double stitching for strength and compartments to keep your stuff organized.

Make sure each member of your family has his or her own backpack with their name labeled clearly on the outside. This is because there is not enough room in carry everything the family will need in just one or two bags.

Even your toddlers and babies need to have their own survival backpacks. They won’t be able to carry it themselves but they do need to have all their stuff in one place so you can deal with their needs quickly.

Teenagers and children will be able to carry their own backpacks and they will have a greater sense of security knowing they are in control of their own provisions. The weight and size of these backpacks can be tailored to each child.

Survival backpacks come in different sizes so they can be fitted to either a child or an adult. Also, they should be height adjustable to fit different heights.

For children, you will want to buy backpacks that are sturdy and made of lightweight material. They should also be waterproof. For your teenagers, it’s good to get the backpacks that come with frames but this might not be suitable for younger children. It will be hard for those children to handle the extra weight. The frames can be either external or internal.

Usually, survival backpacks for children are a smaller version of the ones for adults and should have packets that can be accessed without stopping and taking the bag off their backs. This is an added convenience that could be life-saving.

Survival backpacks should also have padded shoulder straps and be made of nylon that is water-resistant. In addition to multiple pockets, they should have hooks to store gear. Usually they will include expandable straps and have a hydration pocket. If this is a feature you expect to need, make sure it is waterproof.

You can actually buy some survival backpacks that are made from fabric that will wick moisture away. This will help to keep the contents of the backpack dry and often they will also be thickly padded. This will make carrying the backpack more comfortable over long distances. Also, look for backpacks that can be expanded so you can squeeze as many supplies in as possible.

When you are looking for a survival backpack, you keep these tips in mind because they will be very important if there is a serious emergency.